The annual Waukesha County Estate Planners Board Meeting was held on Wednesday, July 16. Please see the Agenda prepared for this meeting for further details.


Waukesha County Estate Planning Council

Board Meeting

Proposed Agenda

July 16, 2014


1.       Approval of Minutes – July 12, 2013 Board Meeting


2.       Introduction of Volunteer Executive Assistant


3.       Treasurer’s Report


4.       2014-2015 Board

a.       New director at large

b.      Succession plan for 2015-2016


Position Current Proposed

President Susan Baran           Kris Havlik

Vice President         Kris Havlik         Chris Menden

Secretary/Treasurer Debbie Robb           Debbie Robb

Past President (1)   Jill Martin         Susan Baran

Director At Large   Chris Menden           Open

Director At Large     Tom Strandberg     Tom Strandberg

Director At Large   Mike Kaiser             Mike Kaiser


    5.       Annual Dues Increase

  6.       Membership Committee

            7.       2014-2015 Meetings (Sep. 18, Oct. 16, Nov. 20, Jan. 22, Feb. 19, Mar. 19)

a.       Location

b.      Meeting format

2013:  5:00 networking, 5:45 announcements & salad, 6:00 presentation, 6:45 dinner

2012:  5:15 networking, 6:00 announcements & salad, 6:10 presentation, 7:00 dinner

c.       November open bar

d.      Potential topics/speakers

Heckerling Update

New Medicaid Laws Related to Nursing Home Care - Attorney Joanne Leifheit, LLC

Same Sex Planning After Windsor - Jeff Billings, Godfrey & Kahn

Estate Planning for Digital Assets - William Hughes, Foley & Lardner

Non-Financial Strategies for Succession Planning - Eric Weiner or Dean Fowler

Gamete Trusts & Pet Trusts – Stephanie Rapkin LLC

Estate Planning & Divorce – Sally Merrill & Christy Brooks

FLPs – Wendy Rusch

IRAs & Beneficiary Designation Issues

Ethics & Technology – Nerino Petro

Elder Law Issues for Everyone – Carol Wessels

Appraisal Issues & Estate Taxes – Maggie Stoeffel, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Trust Situs Issues – Mark Schiller